• See the COVID-19 Return to Campus Plan (updated 8/5/2020) as well as the associated Return to Campus FAQ (updated 8/17/20).

  • The New School's Budget Advisory Council has launched a new website that provides information on The New School's budget and related matters. Visit the site here.

  • Human Resources sent this welcome message to staff who will continue to work remotely for fall 2020, detailing updated policies and procedures.

  • The New School has announced its plans for fall 2020. All classes will be available online. View more details about fall plans here.

  • The University has released a memo concerning 2020 summer work schedules for staff, as well as the use of flex time and vacation time. The memo can be found here.

  • The New School has created a Zoom Support Hotline: 646-909-9666 (ZOOM). 
The hotline is for immediate troubleshooting support to assist staff in navigating to a specific Zoom meeting, assist with Zoom meeting controls, and escalate specific issues to additional teams. Staff are ready to assist getting online classes moving.
: 8am–9pm (Mon-Fri);
 10am-6pm (Sat);
 Closed on Sunday.

*Beware of phishing. If you receive an email asking for your NETID password, SSN, or other sensitive information, do not share it. Do not click links from within emails to places like MyDay; you should always navigate to these sites directly. Learn more tips on avoiding phishing.*


  • The New School's newly expanded Employee Assistance Program, Aetna Resources for Living, includes many free webinars and related resources surrounding mental health during this difficult time. As a reminder, the Employee Assistance Program resources are free. Staff also have access to eight (8) free counseling sessions per issue with the EAP. The EAP also offers grief counseling services. Services can be accessed by calling 1-888-238-6232.

  • For Staff Enrolled in United Healthcare: Effective April 2020, United Healthcare members will have access to Talkspace. A group of more than 5,000 licensed therapists that provide service that can be accessed remotely via the Talkspace secure platform. To register (please have your UHC ID card ready) please go visit For Talkspace support, you can email or call the number on the back of your UHC member card. The cost is the same as an in-network mental health visit under your plan.

  • Any person facing food insecurity for themselves or their community members should please take advantage of New York City's Free Meals program.


Q: What resources are available for staff to work remotely?
A: A number of resources are available via IT and Human Resources. Staff should:

Q: What software should staff have at home?


  • Zoom for video and teleconferencing.

  • Jabber for accessing your office phone remotely.

  • VPN for staff to access internal computer systems from off campus.

  • Refer to the IT Technology Guide to Remote Work for a comprehensive list of resources.

  • Staff are asked to enable their Google Hangouts/Google Chat for ease of communication.

Q: Is The New School campus open?
A: All New School buildings are closed until further notice. View the Building Hours website for updates.

Q: As a staff member, if I feel sick or am exposed to someone who is ill what actions should I take?
A: Connect immediately with your health care provider and follow their directions should they recommend self-quarantine or a medical situation. NYC/CDC will do follow up on contacts, etc. as required by health protocols. You can voluntarily let the college Dean’s office know if you are experiencing exposure or a medical situation so that we can consider implications on campus, but you are not required to do so. Francesca Fiore ( will collect this information for SPE but will not share it broadly, and only as required by university policy. If your situation prohibits you from work or teaching responsibilities let your supervisor know.

Q: Will on-campus events and public programs continue?
A: Events are currently being offered online. Please refer to the University Events Calendar for updates on individual events.