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*Beware of phishing. If you receive an email asking for your NETID password, SSN, or other sensitive information, do not share it. Do not click links from within emails to places like MyDay; you should always navigate to these sites directly.
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The New School is significantly increasing its investment in financial aid for continuing and newly admitted students for the coming year to help ensure that a New School education remains accessible and available. The university has allocated $17.5 million that will support a one-time technology grant for all students as well as general pandemic aid for those with the greatest demonstrated need. Please see this communication for details. You may also email any questions to the Office of Financial Aid at

The New School’s Student Emergency Assistance Program provides one-time assistance and support to currently enrolled students experiencing an acute emergency or an immediate, urgent financial need; it cannot be used to cover tuition.


The New School's Student Health Services office offers a variety of services, including telecounseling, fitness classes, and mindfulness programs that are especially important during this time. These programs have been converted into virtual offerings so that all students can access them remotely.


To learn more about how online classes will affect your student status, please see the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) website: If you have questions or concerns, ISSS advisors are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for virtual advising. Email or call 212.229.5592 for an appointment.


The New School has launched the Fall 2020 Virtual Orientation Hub to share the details of all of the programs you can participate in to meet your Orientation cohort and learn about all things New School. This site will be updated regularly, and the Orientation team will also send updates to your New School email, so please begin the habit of checking both.


The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, supported by federal CARES Act funding, provides aid for students who are experiencing unemployment from their off-campus job as a result of COVID-19.

The Department of Labor has issued guidance confirming that a full-time student who was working part-time is eligible for assistance through the PUA program, which includes $600 each week in addition to unemployment insurance (UI) benefits calculated by their state.

Learn more about Pandemic Unemployment Assistance guidelines here.


Student Disability Services (SDS) supports students in need of disability accommodations. SDS will work with you to arrange accommodations and help remove any barriers to access in and out of the classroom.


All students may now apply for on-campus housing on The New School's New York City campus. This communication from Student Success outlines the new application and housing procedures; you may also visit the University Housing website for additional information.


Student Support and Advocacy (SSA) (formerly known as SSCM) offers virtual support for non-academic challenges and distressing situations, including financial and food insecurity, as well as general advocacy.


The Career Development and Experience office is dedicated to helping students make connections between their academic experiences and professional paths. All students are welcome to access our Web resources and attend events including career development workshops, networking opportunities, and career fairs.


Q: What are the University's plans for academic year 2020-21?
President McBride and Provost Marshall have provided an update on University plans for fall 2020. Please find the update here.

Q: Where can I find updated information about registration, tuition, and fees fall?
Please view the University's Tuition and Fees page for a breakdown of tuition and fees for 2020-21.

Q: Will any classes take place on campus this fall or spring?
All classes will be held online for fall 2020. We are hopeful that circumstances with the pandemic will enable us to open the campus more completely for face-to-face work and instruction in the Spring semester – and we will be carefully monitoring and planning for this situation.

Q: Will any campus spaces be open for students in the fall?
A: The New School will reopen select portions of The New School campus this fall for in-person learning, creative making, research, and artistic studies. Because of stringent social distancing guidelines, access will be limited, but our goal is to open select spaces – with priority going to students in their final year of study who require access to specialized equipment, workshops, instruments, materials, or performance spaces – pending approval by the State of New York. We are finalizing details on this now, based on the state’s new guidelines, and will very soon be providing details to students in these categories.

Q: Will on-campus housing be available in the fall or spring?
A: Limited on-campus housing will be available. Visit the University Housing website for details.

Q: Is campus currently open?
All campus buildings are currently closed. Visit the University building hours website for updates.

Q: What can I expect from my online classes?
: In online learning, some classes meet together at set times (synchronous), while others will require independent tasks throughout the week (asynchronous). It is important to communicate with your faculty about the expectations of each course. Attendance and participation are central elements of online classes and your submission of work on time, participation in group sessions and discussions, etc., all count toward your progress.

Q: What should I do to prepare for online classes?
Familiarize yourself with Zoom, a conferencing software that The New School uses (and be aware of the Zoom Support Hotline: 646-909-9666), and Canvas, the university’s learning management system. Both have mobile apps which we recommend you download.

Q: Am I still able to access University Library materials for research?
Yes. While the physical libraries spaces on campus are closed at present, The New School Libraries have prepared a guide to using their digital resources for research. Please find the guide here.

Q: What are the internship guidelines during this period?
: If there are COVID 19-related issues preventing you from attending internships, please contact the Office of Career Development & Experience who will work with you to review completed hours/proposed credits and develop a plan forward.