SPE will gradually phase in in-person activities in Spring 2021, with a limited number of students, faculty, and staff physically on our New York City campus.

Please carefully review The New School's Covid-19 Health and Safety page, and the guidelines below to understand the parameters of safe space usage for our community. These guidelines apply to all students in the SPE community who are accessing New School facilities.


Access to SPE Media Studies Film Office

Office Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday

Location: SPE MS Film Office is located at the University Center Room U613.

Access: Only students with a reservation confirmation will be permitted entry. Students without confirmed reservations from the Film Office will NOT be allowed to enter the building

Contact info: 212-229-5800, ext. 4230 or 646-909-4230,

Equipment Reservation and Checkout Instructions

Step 1

  • A reservation is required to pick up and drop off equipment.

  • Reservations will be made through MyNewSchool, Reservation portal or by emailing

  • Film Office reservations must be made 48 hours prior to the day of intended use

  • Students must be registered in one of the following classes to reserve equipment. Cinematography & Lighting, Film 2, Film 4, or Documentary Production W/Shop.

  • Students may only use equipment assigned to the course in which they are currently registered.

  • For instructions on how to use the Reservation Portal, please visit the Film Office website.

  • Reminder: All students MUST PASS their course’s digital camera test in order to be cleared for a checkout.

Step 2

    • Students should complete the following screening process questionnaire on the day of pickup/return.

    • Go to MHealthCoach and complete the visitor screening form and follow results guidelines

    • Inform the Film Office that appointment will still be held so that confirmation is sent.

Step 3

  • Pick-up and drop-off of equipment for the SPE MS Film Office is located at the University Center Room U613.

  • Visit Security Desk and show your reservation confirmation

  • Follow floor signs to space labeled Room 613

  • No equipment will be allowed to be touched, unless specified. This is to maintain a sterile environment.

  • Students MUST pick-up and return equipment at their designated time slot, as late fees may apply. If running late or unable to pick up you MUST contact the film office as soon as possible.

  • All students must agree to the terms and sign the contract before using the equipment.

  • All equipment must return in the same condition as received to avoid fees.

All equipment will be sanitized on arrival at The New School. Please do not use harsh chemicals on any of the equipment as it may damage it.

Access to the spe media studio

  • Room U622 at the University Center is a dedicated SPE Media Studio.

  • Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to the day of intended use by emailing

  • Students must be registered to a Media Studies class to use the space.

  • Before coming to campus, please go to the Access to Campus site and review the guidelines to help ensure the safety of our community to the greatest extent possible when an on-campus presence is needed.

New School Campus Access Protocol.pdf